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First: Install our app Locale & Language first

Thank you for using our application.
If Locale & Language don’t work on your phone, Please read this Complete Tutorial: http://blog.whenair.com/?p=15
If you still in trouble, please contact us.

Do you have some Suggestions or Feedback when using Locale & Language.
Please leave us a comment, we will try our best to improve this app.
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250 responses on “Locale & Language Suggestions Or Feedback

  1. dhea


  2. Uswa

    Bahasa indonesia

  3. Joel

    I have done everything and it has shown successful on my windows but I don’t know the next step

    1. Jujun

      Bahasa indonesia

  4. riris

    Bahasa indonesia

  5. Laurinda Soares

    Mozambique Portugues

  6. Yoga

    Bahasa indonesia

  7. Habibulloh lubis

    Bahasa arab

  8. esta buena la aplicacion

  9. Didik


  10. Bahasa indonesia

    1. hery

      Bahasa indonesia

  11. kris


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