Get the App used to Change Locale Language for Android devices.

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With this app,


Cool and simple language setting app to change language and locale.
Also is a great tool to find locale or language through country code and language code.


– Preset most of all locale languages of world.
– Click language list item to change language.
– Add any languages and locales.(If you can’t find the language you want, you can add it by yourself, you can add any locale and language in the world)
– Find any languages through locale code and language code.(For example,You don’t know what language is “az_rAZ”, just search”az” and you can find the answer)
– Search by language and locale code(For example,find ”en_US”, just search”en” or “US”).
– Complete help tutorial .
– Pick some frequently used language to “Likes” list.(Better to use convenient)
– More preset languages.
– New UI with Material Design.

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  1. Roni


    1. Rudy sagrath

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  3. arsya2807

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  4. jacira

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  5. Maimuna

    I was trying to put Arabic as second language and by mistake pressed Urdu, which is almost same in writings. English was my main language input and suddenly Its disappeared and Urdu is locale language here and hardly understand it. Please help here, it’s frustrating. Thanks.

  6. Rifay

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  7. Rahmat

    Tolong ganti ke Bahasa Indonesia

  8. Danu

    Tolong Cara install ngerubah bahasa Indonesia pada sharp sh 04h

  9. Chris

    Its not working at all. Not like this, not like that. There is no option, only Italiano and English. Not some other language.

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  11. Mus

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  12. Alma

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