X2IMG 1.1.2 has been published to Google Play

X2IMG is a cool image generate application.
It is used to convert other file formats to image(PNG or JPG).
Supported file formats: PDF, XPS , CBZ , EPUB, JPG , TIFF , PNG , JFIF.
X2IMG does not change or delete the original file.
X2IMG User Guide on Youtube
This is a great tool for converting PDF to jpg or png.
X2IMG can make your life become more efficient

All generated images are saved in “/sdcard/X2IMG/“.
Convertor features:
– Convert PDF to JPG/PNG
– Convert XPS to PNG/JPG
– Convert TIFF to PNG/JPG
– Convert EPUB to PNG/JPG
– Convert CBZ to PNG/JPG
– Convert JFIF to PNG/JPG
– Convert JPG to PNG
– Convert PNG to JPG

Other features:
– Manage generated images
– View generated images
– Drag to multi-selection
– Long pressed the list items to share or delete images
– Set the generated JPG’s quality
– File browser to select file

– Drag to multi-selection
– Update images to system gallery.(when generating images or delete images)
– Auto delete the empty folders in /X2IMG
– Update library

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